Anna Chilton Professional Wine Taster
and Darjeeling Tea


Margaret´s Hope... produces some of the most exquisite teas in the country, including some rare white teas. These originate from younger tea trees, the rolling and fermentation processes are ever so gentle to enhance the delicate flavour of the leaves.
A visually stunning tea, the buds and leaves are left whole, resplendent with their silvery


The Flavour of Hope

After 150 years, the exquisite flavour of Margaret´s Hope reminds us of a wistful tale.
Situated in north Kurseong at an elevation ranging from 950 meters to 1830 meters, the 150-year-old famous Margaret´s Hope Tea Estate was once called Bara Ringtong. At the beginning of the 20th century, legend has it, the then-manager of Ringtong, Mr Bagdon, rechristened it to Margaret´s Hope.

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