Business philosophy

Our entire emphasis is towards the development of a world-wide group of businesses which by their very nature require their managements to take a long view. Many companies in the group are in excess of 100 years old. These enterprises have acquired particular skills, traditions and ethos, and we see ourselves more in the nature of custodians or trustees than as owners. That is we do not see these assets as objects or commodities...

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Latest News

The gardens have been granted HACCP CERTIFICATE & Goodricke's activities
Publish 07.03.2014
The Goodricke's Gardens have been granted HACCP CERTIFICATE for manufacture of Darjeeling Orthodox Black Tea & CTC Black Tea: Badamtam Tea Garden, Barnesbeg Tea Garden, Thurbo Tea Garden, Castleton Tea Estate, Margaret´s Hope Tea Estate, Amgoorie Tea Estate, Borbam Tea Estate.

Goodricke Group Ltd. announces 38th Annual General Meeting in Kolkata
Publish 27.02.2014
NOTICE is hereby given that the Thirty-eighth Annual General Meeting of the Members of Goodricke Group Limited will be held at the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, IB 201, Sector – III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700 106 on Friday, the 11th April, 2014 at 10.00 a.m.

The Company has commenced commercial operation of Pre-mix teas of several flavours
Publish 29.10.2013
The Company has commenced commercial operation of Pre-mix teas of several flavours like lemon, peach & orange for cold serving. Ginger flavor in hot serving will commence shortly. Retail sachets of 25g packs of the above are being marketed through an established

New Tea Outlet Inauguration
Publish 29.03.2012
The 29th of March 2012 saw the opening of our very first retail and speciality tea lounge , the "Goodricke tea pot" at the upmarket DB City Mall in Bhopal . The inauguration of the store was done by our Managing director Mr A.N Singh and attended by General Manager, Packet tea Mr V.S Gulia along with Mr S. Dutt. Eminent citizens of Bhopal...

Fastest Growing Small Cos. in India
Publish 27.11.2011
"Goodricke Group Ltd. featured in the Economic Times, amongst the top 20 fastest growing small company in India. We are the only Tea Company to feature in this list."   "Mr. Shaibal Dutt” Regional Manager, Packet Tea Division participated in the

First Goodricke Sip Winner
Publish 01.10.2011
Mr V.S Gulia , General Manager , Goodricke Group Ltd handed over a Chevrolet Beat to Mr Ankit Agarwal a student from North Kolkata as the first prize of the Goodricke Sip and Win offer run on Goodricke teas in the last quarter of 2011