Corporate Social Responsibility


The philosophy of Goodricke Group Limited, being an important constituent of Camellia Plc., the ultimate holding Company, is guided by the Statement of Business Principles enunciated by it for their global operations. The Business Principles, as adopted, cover health, safety, environment and social issues. The Principles are covered by a laid down framework which is monitored from time to time. This has its origin in the late 90's when the Group understood the value of assistive upgrading of society and developing a sustainable framework well before the Corporate Social Responsibility became predominant in the Indian scenario. business integrity. Regardless to say, Goodricke Group Limited has inculcated this into their system not only as a part of statutory rules which are now applicable but as a duty towards the society and as a whole to the people of the nation.


It is the Company's intent to make a positive difference to society. It recognises that it cannot do it all; so that if there are choices to be made, priority will be towards doing fewer projects with greater impact and focusing initiatives on communities in which the Company lives and operates. The Company is one of the forerunners in terms of employment, employing around 25000 direct workers and executives in its Gardens in the eastern part of the sub continent. The Gardens owned by the Company strides in providing medical facilities and welfare schemes covering family welfare, child immunization, health tracking, free distribution of medicine and community welfare both in-house as well as for the adjoining villages. Afforestation and environment protections are key areas which are specifically covered and include integrated pest management systems, effluent treatment and community schemes to enhance awareness of protecting the environment. Tea Gardens, in general, are eco-friendly commercial operations and these additional measures enhance the same.


It is GGL's policy:

  1. To pursue a corporate strategy that enables realisation of the twin goals of shareholder value enhancement and societal value creation in a mutually reinforcing and synergistic manner.
  2. To align and integrate Social Investments / CSR programmes with the business value chains of your Company and make them outcome oriented. To support creation of on and off-farm sustainable livelihood sources thereby empowering stakeholder communities to conserve and manage their resources.
  3. To implement Social Investments / CSR programmes primarily in the economic vicinity of your Company's operations with a view to ensuring the long term sustainability of such interventions.
  4. To actively support programmes and initiatives for educating and training of children with special needs.
  5. To contribute to sustainable development in areas of strategic interest through initiatives designed in a manner that addresses the challenges faced by the Indian society especially in rural India.
  6. To collaborate with communities and institutions to contribute to the national mission of eradicating poverty and hunger, especially in rural areas, through agricultural research and knowledge sharing, superior farm and agri-extension practices, soil and moisture conservation and watershed management, conservation and development of forest resources, empowering women economically, supplementing primary education and participating in rural capacity building programmes and such other initiatives.
  7. To sustain and continuously improve standards of Environment, Health and Safety through the collective endeavour of our Company and its employees at all levels towards attaining world class standards and support other programmes and initiatives, internal or external, for the prevention of illness and combating of diseases as may be considered appropriate from time to time.
  8. To encourage the development of human capital of the Nation by expanding human capabilities through skills development, vocational training etc. and by promoting excellence in identified cultural fields.
  9. To take up any activities as per Schedule VII of the companies act 2013 or to any changes therein.


1.  The Goodricke School for Special Education in Siliguri, North Bengal supported by the Company had commissioned in April 2006. It has been specifically designed and equipped for children with special needs. The Directors are proud to be associated with the same. This is the one and only school with state of the art facilities available in this region.

2.  It has to be noted that the tea Industry serves a number of social, geo-political and environmental issues. Tea gardens essentially employ in its ranks tribes from remote corners of the country, who belong to the socially underprivileged section. The Government's emphasis on social upliftment is more than fulfilled by the tea Industry.

3.  The gardens also provide subsidized foodgrains, housing, quality medical facilities, schooling for children and other long term benefits to the socially challenged sections of the society. Most of the gardens are located in remote areas and tea garden management have been providing micro administration in such far flung areas and have been indirectly helping State administration in governance.

4.  The Company has ensured that its garden workers have the best possible care and thus have access to fresh drinking water, well equipped hospitals, maternity clinics, creches, good schools and subsidized rations. Garden children are provided free school bus services to the nearest schools imparting education at higher level.

5.  The Company supports in providing livelihood means to people with special needs through 4 of its packing centres across the country.

6.  Water harvesting system has been put in all newly built factories with creation of large water bodies.

7.  Large scale planting of trees are being done in areas not under tea plantation, to act as forest zones to improve environment.

8.  Organic plantation is pursued in our Darjeeling garden which is indirectly contributing to human health, ie, no pesticides in made tea.

9.  Scholarship schemes for promising students of the workers.

10.  Continuous efforts are being made to reduce pesticide load, although the group adheres to use of approved and safe pesticides.

11.  Cleft Lip and cleft foot surgery conducted by overseas doctors totally subsidized by the company.

The Committee

  1. The Committee was reconstituted under the Chairmanship of Padmashri Dr Sudha Kaul, an eminent philanthropist as per the provisions of Companies Act 2013. This Committee will meet at regular intervals during the year to review the status of work undertaken at social front.
  2. The Committee recommends to the Board certain task to be undertaken by the Company in line with Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013.
  3. The Annual Report of this Committee forms a part of the Annual Report of the Company categorically mentioning the tasks undertaken, tasks completed and the financial implications to maintain statutory requirements.

It is our core value to act honestly, fairly and with integrity and respect in all business dealings. Acting lawfully and honestly is fundamental to our business philosophy and to contribute to the social good of the nation.

A 14 feet high statue of the Buddha created by the late artist Meera Mukherjee overlooks the magnificent gardens in Badamtam.