To satisfy diverse palates and match the expectations of the most discerning consumers, we offer a wide array of consistent, quality teas. These are either Single Estate teas [sourced from a specific Garden] like our Darjeeling range or exclusively blended to enhance every aspect an outstanding cup of tea.

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Castleton Premium: Blue Caddy

Exclusive Second flush Mucatel produced in limited quantities from May to Mid July. Castleton garden has an unique environment to produce Muscatel tea which is rare in any other garden of Darjeeling. It is a heavy full bodied tea with a musky fruity taste. Because of its uniqueness it is priced at a higher range booked by importers in advance every year.

Castleton Vintage: Black caddy

Exclusive blended whole leaf teas from Castleton gardens. These are teas from 1st and 2nd flush and have a distinct chinary character and flavour.

Barnesbeg-Leaf and Teabags

A 100% organic- cultivated green tea produced without using pesticides and harmful fertilizers.Gardens are Rain Forest Alliance certified  and is responsible for maintaining the good health of environment and people who work at the plantations.

Pure Darjeeling Tea- hence flavour is sweeter than other green teas. It has a mellow and light taste and very rich in antioxidants. This pure quality green tea is high on anti oxidants which reduces cell damage, helps to reduce weight and signs of aging. Good for heart and reduces risk of cancer.


Unique Darjeeling blend that cannot be mistaken for any other tea. It has a touch of fire and malty taste, can be enjoyed both with milk and without. The liquor is full of aroma and strength and has a deep reddish gloden tint. Roasted is undoubtedly Kolkata’s favourite- Largest selling Darjeeling Tea Brand.


Whole leaf Darjeeling Tea from THURBO, the world famous garden of Mirik Valley. This premium tea is full of flavour and aroma.

Premium Darjeeling

A perfect combination of strength and flavour. It is a Grade of tea- fannings / Golden orange fannings GOF.

This is black tea made through the Crush – Tear – Curl [CTC] process invented by Goodricke in 1943, at its flagship garden – Amgoorie. CTC tea has a strong flavour and infuses quickly to give you a brighter, fuller cup of tea.


An exclusive Assam black tea created by Goodricke, the world leader in Assam Orthodox Tea production, Khaass is specially blended with 15% Long Leaves and Golden Buds. These Golden Buds give the tea its unparalled aroma and distinct flavour – which you can experience only with a sip of Khaass!

Goodricke Chai

This tea is blended with 8 Special High Quality Clones that enhance the tea quality ensuring MORE CUPS of tea from every pack. These select leaves give outstanding aroma, good strength and an absolutely wonderful tea drinking experience. Available in Leaf & Dust variants.


A strong tea that stimulates you every morning, Zabardast is the obvious choice when looking for a robust & bright cup of tea, brimming with energy! Available in Leaf & Dust variants.

Badamtam leaf tea

Known across the world for its first flush teas. It is a great gifting idea for those who want to gift the best of Darjeeling Teas.

Season’s 3 in 1

Exclusive quality tea packed according to the harvesting season in Darjeeling. Tea is harvested in Darjeeling in 3 seasons- Spring- 1st flush, Summer- 2 nd Flush and Autumn- 3rd Flush. Each season having its own characteristic in the tea. Ideal gift set for those who want to enjoy all the seasons of Darjeeling.