Instant Teas

Instant Teas-available hot or cold and ready to drink

Instant tea plant - front view

The Goodricke Group developed the concept of instant tea from green leaf at its R &D centre for 4 years before setting up the world's first integrated Instant Tea Plant at Aibheel Tea Garden in the Dooars. This is a state of the art, computerised automated plant and its establishment in 1994 as an Export Oriented Unit marks a major development in the Indian Tea Industry.

Our Instant tea, available both in Hot Water Soluble and Cold Water Soluble form, is playing an increasingly important role in the world beverage scene and is a source of supply to leading manufacturers of ready to drink products world wide. There is now also an emerging trend for the usage of tea products in the food, confectionery and personal care industries as well.

Our Instant Tea products can be designed to the customers' specification using raw material ranging from black tea to green leaf from any region. The Plants proximity to the finest quality raw material available in the area itself is a major factor. It was certified and awarded Quality Management Systems on 18th September 2000 and has presently been upgraded to ISO 22000:2005 adhering to the Food Safety Management Systems. A COC or a Chain of Custody system is in place to comply to manufacture of Rainforest Alliance certified products.


We produce a wide range of high quality Hot water soluble (HWS) and cold water soluble (CWS) Instant Black tea using Black Tea, BMF & Green Leaf as raw material.


We produce fine quality hot water soluble (HWS) and cold water soluble (CWS) Darjeeling Instant tea from high grade Darjeeling orthodox tea. Aroma of Darjeeling Tea is kept intact by our unique processing technology.


We produce very high quality Instant Green tea by sourcing the raw material (i,e green tea) from our own group gardens. This instant green tea is rich in "Anti oxidant" and having a pleasant green appearance both in liquor and powder.


Instant Oolong tea is produced by using oolong tea of Fuzian province of China. This tea is well accepted by the customer for its unique Oolong Flavor and available in three different colour, i.e Dark, Medium and light.

The Instant Tea Plant produces Hot Water Soluble (HWS) and Cold Water Soluble (CWS) teas at its state of the art facility in Aibheel, North Bengal. It is an 100% EOU facility approved by the Falta Export Processing Zone authority under Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India.

The HWS teas are registered with Patent authorities in India, UK, USA, Kenya & Sri Lanka. The CWS teas are registered with Patent authority in India.

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