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Danguajhar Tea Garden is situated close to Jalpaiguri town in West Bengal. Bordering the eastern side is the Teesta River and on the western side is the Karla Valley Tea Garden and the Karla River.

From the records available this garden was planted in the early 20th century as Rungamali Tea Garden, later on this name was changed to Danguajhar Tea Garden which means "The Den of Bachelors". It is also said that the residents of the garden suffered a lot from malaria and black water fever, hence the name 'Dengu' (a disease) and 'Jar' (fever).

The garden has a more or less flat terrain. As many as 10-12 'jhoras' (streams) pass through the sections which ultimately fall into 'Rukruka' and 'Chukchuka' riverlets.

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