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Beautiful and serene are two words that come to mind at Badamtam tea garden. Enchanting views of the majestic Kanchenjunga Mountains famous for their golden peaks at sunrise make for a wonderful sight. A fourteen feet high serene statue of Buddha created by a famous artist adorns a part of the garden. The Rangeet and Majhitar rivers flow through the green hills and valleys harbouring a profusion of birds and flowers. A suspension bridge over Rangeet links the garden to Sikkim.

From this pristine environment come fine teas, of which the first flush teas, the light and delicate Chinas, and the brisk and bright Assam hybrids are especially renowned.

The name of the estate could have been derived from a Lepcha word, which meant a bamboo water carrier. With over a century and half’s heritage, the garden has witnessed many changes and added to its legacy and today serves as an example of excellence for other tea estates.

Modern management methods, state- of-the-art, machinery, bio -dynamic processes, a reliable and dedicated work force, all contribute to the garden’s excellence. The garden has high welfare standards and offers excellent infra-structure in terms of housing, education, health, sanitation and even entertainment.

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