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Jiti lies in a lush, serene valley bordering the foothills of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The sister garden of Hope lies along the southern border, while the northern border runs parallel to the international border with Bhutan. The Ghatia River runs along the eastern border while the Jiti River flows along with western side.

Jiti which signifies one of the best quality marks of Dooars is the only garden in Dooars geographically located in a valley. This unique location at the base of the Bhutan foothills results in excessive rainfall and lower temperatures for the most part of the year as compared with the rest of Dooars.

Jiti Tea Garden was founded in the year 1878 as a part of Hope Tea Garden. The factory of the garden came into being in 1885; before that the green leaf was transferred to the Hope factory. The name of Jiti is synonymous with quality largely due to an uninterrupted legacy of excellent work done by our predecessors.

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